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Juan Alviz’s is a thoughtful, innovative technologist at his core with proven business and sales skills at all levels. He is driven by his core values of integrity, hard work, and doing good.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in a Box

IDTOLU is an expert in creating and deploying Digital Transformation projects. This will help the underserved people of the Global South to receive economic and eGovernance value using their existing and future wireless infrastructure.
DTiBox exemplifies IDTOLU’s capabilities, expertise, and track record in the range of communications technologies, including 5G, 4G, and LoraWAN, and its advanced capabilities in cloud technologies, and rapid development and deployment of applications
IDTOLU™’s DTiBox framework is modular and covers ICT infrastructure, a network of sensors, software, AI and hardware, data analytics and business intelligence, video analytics, automation, control, and management.

5G Broadcast

IDTOLU is researching on 5G broadcast to be used on FTA broadcasting systems in Latin America and include the media industry in the 5G ecosystem.
IDTOLU first Implemented an authorized 5G Broadcast deployment in June 2020 without SIM cards or User Registration on the network for the consumer to receive the broadcast/multicast content authorized by ANE (Agencia Nacional del Espectro) in Colombia.
IDTOLU’s 5G Broadcast products and solutions enable upgrading new radio and TV transmission opportunities. It is targeted at countries that have either finished the analog switch-off stage or selected the 5G Terrestrial Broadcast TV standard.
New broadcast service applications such as emergency alerts, firmware updates, and weather broadcasting are attractive for operators and consumers.

Cloud Computing for Control and Automation

IDTOLU integrates cloud native computing advances including containerization, microservices, and dynamic management to accelerate the innovation, development, and scaling of its products and services to benefit Global South populations.
Its use of native, high-speed, secure cloud computing services, and infrastructure is proven by its various implementations of 5G technologies-based use cases.
IDTOLU products and services scale globally while leveraging 5G integrated Cloud Computing. It makes this expertise available to its customers. It also draws on its rapid development expertise in migrating from legacy to hybrid and pure 5G networks.

NG-NBIoT Infrastructure

Next Generation Narrow Band IoT Infrastructure

IDTOLU has successfully implemented Narrow Band Internet of Things (NBIoT) technologies to enable technological solutions connecting to large numbers of IoT sensors.
With the advance of 5G and LoraWAN deployments, many countries including the US are transitioning their 2G/3G applications to 4G/5G with the disappearance of 2G/3G networks. Some countries of the global south are beginning with 4G and have 5G deployments and plans.
Accelerating the availability of eGovernance and IoT-based applications to this new generation of technologies environments to enable a larger number of sensors is an opportunity that IDTOLU has already realized with its use case deployments in this area.
Some implementations include Precision Agriculture, Fish Farming, Infrastructure Monitoring and Automation, Public Utilities Monitoring and Control, among others.
It has also done so via industry and university research collaborations.

5G E2E Solutions

5G E2E Solutions

IDTOLU has full-5G-stack expertise, products, solutions, and deployments that exemplify its focus on applying this expertise to 5G End-To-End (E2E) solutions that are focused on the Global South.
These solutions include R&D on products and services for the provision of (low-cost/free) broadband to deliver 5G Broadcast, 5G Private Networks, NBIoT, 5G Cloud Based Infrastructure, and Digital Transformation technologies in Global South environments.



IDTOLU has recognized the tremendous potential of the impact of the role that 5G End-To-End (E2E) innovative solutions can play in eGovernance and bring the practical benefits that 5G technologies enable to people and governments of the global south.
The benefit to governments is not just at a national level, but at the regional, and local levels, including those in rural settings. IDTOLU has already demonstrated this value to eGovernance, including the agriculture sector
Governments in the Global South have the advantage to provide disruptive benefits to their economy and populations by helping their underserved populations realize direct commercial benefits via their now expanded ability to deliver products and services and become increasingly productive members of their societies.
This would also create incentives for investments in 5G enabling infrastructure for agriculture, local businesses, and industries, especially in these rural areas.
IDTOLU has had success in deploying its range of 5G E2E solutions to help accelerate productivity in the Global South, especially their underserved populations, who deserve more than what they have at present.

5G LaaS – Lab as a Service

IDTOLU has established an Industry First with its fully-remotely-programmable 5G industry and development lab with an anechoic chamber as its Lab as a Service (LaaS) offering.
It’s advanced <6 GHz anechoic chamber has the latest 5G and its SDR and related technologies for the industry to develop and test its technologies and use cases. Remotely accessible via a secure, high-speed cloud environment, this customizable and programmable 5G testing, and validation environment can be leased in time slices appropriate for the applications. The LaaS is intended to increase the momentum of 5G applications and use cases for deployment globally and is now available to those organizations and universities that previously have been unable to access such an environment, as most are captive or unavailable to the various industry stakeholders.

5G and the Metaverse

5G and the Metaverse

5G cellular technology is a wireless communication standard that is designed to deliver faster speeds, higher capacity, and lower latency than previous generations of cellular technology. 5G networks are expected to provide speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G networks and support a much larger number of devices simultaneously.
The development of 5G technology will revolutionize the way we use the internet, especially on the move. We anticipate it will have a significant impact on the rate of growth and development of the evolving metaverse. High 5G speeds and low latency will enable users to interact with the metaverse in real time, with minimal lag or delay. This allows for more immersive and interactive experiences in the virtual world and the influence of 5G helps remove the tether to stationary computing environments.
While providing faster and more reliable connectivity for the metaverse, 5G technology will also enable the use of new technologies and applications within the virtual world. For example, 5G networks will be used to support the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the metaverse, allowing users to experience virtual environments in a more realistic and immersive way.
Overall, the combination of 5G technology and the metaverse has the potential to greatly enhance the way we interact with the virtual world, and it could have a wide range of applications in various industries, including education, entertainment, business, and healthcare.
IDTOLU is developing enabling applications to accelerate this rapidly evolving verse.


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