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Juan Alviz’s is a thoughtful, innovative technologist at his core with proven business and sales skills at all levels. He is driven by his core values of integrity, hard work, and doing good.

Connect and TRANSFORM

The slogan "Connect - Transform" perfectly encapsulates IDTOLÚ's mission to harness the power of connectivity as the catalyst for transformation within the Global South. It underlines our belief that by providing innovative telecommunication solutions that connect people, communities, and businesses, we are laying the foundation for profound and positive changes. Connectivity is the first step towards opening opportunities for education, economic development, and improved quality of life, leading to transformation that resonates on both a local and global scale. This slogan reflects the essence of IDTOLÚ's vision: to initiate change that goes beyond technology, fostering a connected world where every transformation leads to greater empowerment and progress.

The IDTOLU difference

IDTOLU’s core difference is its portfolio of positives integrated with its corporate value system.
• Team – Passionate, motivated, innovative, diverse, and multi-skilled.
• Innovation – The spirit of innovation is at the heart of the company and has established a can-do approach with a subliminal goal of helping the underserved of the Global South.
• Proven Products & Solutions – Across a variety of technologies across the entire 5G E2E value chain. This includes TVWS, 5G Broadcast, Cloud Native, NB-IoT including 5G Radio Hardware, and Software technologies and enabling Smart Cities.
• Proven Development & Execution – The successful development and execution track record of products, solutions, and projects. This includes the complexity of creating, partnering and successful execution of public-private partnership 5G product solutions and research.
• Partnerships – Successful partnering and participation with organizations e.g., OAI, OSM, 5GMAG Reference Tools, and national, regional, and local governments, and multi-national and other private companies to innovate and execute the E2E value chain.

IDTOLÚ values

IDTOLÚ has a strong foundation of values established by the founder to change the world for the better. These values have guided the company’s formation, development, and growth, and continue to do so into the future.
• Empowerment: IDTOLÚ values the ability to empower individuals and communities in the Global South through technology, giving them the tools to shape their own futures.
• Inclusivity: Ensuring that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, has access to the benefits of advanced telecommunications, is a core value.
• Innovation: A commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and thinking creatively to solve complex challenges is fundamental.
• Sustainability: IDTOLÚ places a high value on creating solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally sustainable and economically viable in the long term.
• Education: Valuing education reflects IDTOLÚ's commitment to capacity building, ensuring that communities can sustain and advance the technologies implemented.
• Collaboration: The belief in the power of partnerships and working together with governments, local entities, and international organizations to achieve common goals is a key value.
• Resilience: IDTOLÚ values the resilience of its solutions and the communities it serves, aiming to build robust systems that withstand various challenges.
• Integrity: Conducting business with integrity, ensuring transparency, and adhering to the highest standards of ethics in all dealings are fundamental principles.
• Quality: A dedication to quality in service and product offerings, ensuring that all solutions are reliable and effective.
• Transformation: The ultimate value is the drive towards transformation, not just through technological connectivity but also through socio-economic development that enhances the quality of life and prosperity.


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Headquarter 2600 SW 3rd Avenue, Ste 450 - Miami FL 33129 USA


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