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Juan Alviz’s is a thoughtful, innovative technologist at his core with proven business and sales skills at all levels. He is driven by his core values of integrity, hard work, and doing good.


IDTOLU is an emerging leader in the complex world of 5G End-To-End Innovation, products, and solutions. The company has a deep understanding of the value chain of technologies required to innovate and implement in this space.
It has proven products, solutions, and infrastructure that it has implemented since 2020. This includes a state-of-the-art sub 6 GHz anechoic chamber with the latest SDR, IoT, and other equipment, which is integrated with a sophisticated, secure cloud-native infrastructure to research, develop, and deploy 5G-related products and solutions.
IDTOLU has already successfully innovated and implemented products and solutions such as TVWS, 5G Broadcast, Cloud Native, 4G and 5G Private Networks, and NB-IoT. Its next-generation telecommunication LaaS (Lab as a Service) is an offering that catalyzes rapid research, development, and deployment of End-to-End (E2E) products and solutions.
It has successfully executed public-private partnerships (PPPs) with national, regional, and local governments to execute state-of-the-art ICT technologies and solutions for the eGovernance benefit of the underserved in the Global South. IDTOLU’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are pervasive, and it is continuing to educate and train underprivileged people in software development and advanced technologies. It has also been providing free high-speed WIFI in the Tolú community.

The IDTOLU difference

IDTOLU’s core difference is its portfolio of positives integrated with its corporate value system.
• Team – Passionate, motivated, innovative, diverse, and multi-skilled.
• Innovation – The spirit of innovation is at the heart of the company and has established a can-do approach with a subliminal goal of helping the underserved of the Global South.
• Proven Products & Solutions – Across a variety of technologies across the entire 5G E2E value chain. This includes TVWS, 5G Broadcast, Cloud Native, NB-IoT including 5G Radio Hardware, and Software technologies and enabling Smart Cities.
• Proven Development & Execution – The successful development and execution track record of products, solutions, and projects. This includes the complexity of creating, partnering and successful execution of public-private partnership 5G product solutions and research.
• Partnerships – Successful partnering and participation with organizations e.g., OAI, OSM, 5GMAG Reference Tools, and national, regional, and local governments, and multi-national and other private companies to innovate and execute the E2E value chain.

IDTOLU values

IDTOLU has a strong foundation of values established by the founder to change the world for the better. These values have guided the company’s formation, development, and growth, and continue to do so into the future.
• Integrity (of action).
• Innovation (of technologies, business, and eGovernance models while keeping the underserved in perspective).
• Considerate (of its team and stakeholders in strategy and execution).
• Profitability (to drive growth to enable sustainable business models and eGovernance).
• Responsibility (of action and encourage Corporate Social Responsibility).
• Inclusion (to create a work environment where all employees feel valued and supported).
• Diversity (of thought, culture, gender, and skills).
• Creativity (to find unique and effective solutions to complex problems).
• Collaboration (working as a team to achieve shared objectives).
• Adaptability (to be flexible and effective in a changing business environment).


Phone: +1 305 860 2036


Headquarter 2600 SW 3rd Avenue, Ste 450 - Miami FL 33129 USA


R&D LAB Cl 4B 15 28 MZ 17 LC 1 - Tolu

Phone: +57 310 606 21 58

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